Revival Meeting Service


One day, the Lord will introduce you to others as you really are. Introductions are common in our lives, but one day we will have an introduction of God. God introduces many people in the Bible, including Himself.

The day we got saved, we were introduced in Heaven. If we’re not saved, then the Devil will introduce us in Hell. We must get saved before we die, or we will spend eternity in Hell.

When the Lord introduces you, what would He say? He knows every facet of your life. The best way you can honor God is with your testimony.

There will be a judgment for the believer, and a judgment for the unsaved. Saved people are justified, the their works will be exposed. Some works will be good and result in rewards, but some works will be bad and be burned. Unsaved people will have all their works exposed, too, just before they are cast into Hell.

Christians will be introduced by the One who loves them more than anyone else does. If you are not saved, God loves you too, and wants to welcome you to His family.