Wednesday Evening Service


God’s not worried about time, though we often fret about it. One day Jesus will take us to Heaven and the world will be destroyed. Since all worldly things are temporary, we need to prioritize accordingly. Satan attempts to distract us from that goal. He’ll use a good thing to replace God’s will. Our job is to grow in grace and knowledge.

Spiritual birth should be followed by spiritual life. Being born again is an essential first step. Without being born again, we are blind and cannot be in fellowship with God. Once we are born again, we can have fellowship with God every day.

Spiritual life includes a spiritual walk. We are given the Holy Spirit to guide us in our walk. Our walk should be spiritual and not worldly.

A spiritual walk needs spiritual strength. We need to be strong in our walk. The devil fights dirty; we’re strengthened for the fight by the Holy Spirit in our inner man.

Spiritual strength requires spiritual food. Our spirit should not be anemic; we need to stay in the Book. Our church is another source of food.

Spiritual food will only satisfy a spiritual appetite. Worldly appetites don’t find spiritual food appealing.

A spiritual appetite stems from a spiritual atmosphere. If your home is worldly, your children will find church boring. We may have to step away from things to improve our appetite.

A spiritual man will put faith above sight. Our faith is encouraged as we grow spiritually. We need to guard our eyes. We can’t be driven by fear.

A spiritual man realizes that there is nothing in himself, and it’s all about God. It’s not our ability. Our weakness is made perfect by His strength.

Growing in grace is no mere accident, but rather a determined and directed process. We use more grace as we grow. The best way to grow is daily.