Sunday School Service


Remind hurting people that God still cares. Many times when people go through trials, they wonder if God really still cares. God had two “storm lessons” for His disciples; the first one had Jesus sleeping in the boat, and they asked Him if He cared.

Another meaning for the word “care” is in the sense of responsibility. When Jesus visited Mary and Martha, Martha asked if Jesus cared. Pity parties do not generally pay off.

It does not matter what you’re going through, or what you will go through; God does care. Even when it seems like or looks like He doesn’t care, rest assured that He does.

Remind hurting people to be careful. There’s no answers in alcohol or drugs. Medication is sometimes necessary, but drugging up to escape problems doesn’t work.

At the time this Scripture passage was written, Christians were under persecution. They lost everything. Trials come in seasons: they pile up all at once, but then they go out of season. Trials come with reasons: we may not understand the reasons right now, but they do have reasons. One reason is to get us closer to God; we get closer to God when we’re going through trials. Another reason is to prepare us to help out others when they go through trials.

When kids have problems, they are very real to them. Parents too often brush off their children’s problems. If their problems are hurting them, it’s real.

“Elder” is another term for “pastor,” referring to faith of a pastor, implying spiritual maturity. The term “oversight” is related to “bishop,” referring to the function of a pastor; the job of overseeing the church is the pastor’s. Jesus is the Chief Shepherd, and the pastor is the under shepherd. The pastor’s job is to deliver the meat as well as the sweet things of God’s Word.

Hurting people need a pastor and a church. When you’re hurting, the Devil tries to get you mad at the Chief Shepherd. If that doesn’t work, he tries to get you mad at the under shepherd. Don’t allow it; stay close to God and your pastor.