Sunday Morning Service


We’ve been learning about going the second mile, but periods of rest are required to make it to the end. God intended us to have fun along the way.

Let’s go to a “concert;” we’re all in the concert of life. Have you ever had a burden, and felt tired? Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” is written to Christians as well as the lost.

There are several yokes you can wear; e.g., picking up the burdens of others. The yokes that we pick up can be very heavy, but the yoke Jesus gives us is light. In the horse carriages on Mackinac Island, the driver often has to encourage one horse more in order to evenly distribute the load. When we’re yoked with Jesus, He bears most of the weight.

Jesus was “lowly;” the meaning of this is humility, not low self-esteem. Jesus was “meek;” not weakness, but self-restraint. The Biblical term “rest” does not mean an absence of work.

In our concert of life, we are the instruments. The tasks we have to complete are like notes in a song. Rests and varying note lengths are necessary for excellent music. Rests allow the musician or singer to prepare for the next note.

The conductor sets the tempo and intensity when music is performed. If we’re all following our conductor (Jesus), then our songs will blend together. Tune yourself to what Jesus gives you, not to another Christian. When we disagree with the conductor, not only is our music off, but we can also throw other musicians off.

Jesus gives us two major rests: when we first come to Christ, He gives us rest in our new song; and He gives us rest when we enter His yoke.

Follow the conductor, and don’t neglect His rests.