Wednesday Evening Service



Judas had just left the Last Supper when Jesus gave the command to love each other as Jesus loved them. Jesus was preparing the disciples for hard times ahead. It is good for us as well to reflect on how God loves us. We need to purposely take time to mediate on the love of Christ.

Consider the remembrance of His love. We look back to the cross, which is more than what the disciples could look back on. We remember His sacrifice. The love of Christ compelled Him to die for us. His love is unchangeable; it could not be sidetracked. He loved us unto the end. His love is unconditional; He loves us though we are sinners. His love is inseparable; nothing can divide us from His love.

Consider the results of His love. We are encouraged because of His love; many of our hymns reflect this truth. It takes some effort to remember His love in the midst of our pity parties. His love is an example of love for us; our love should be sacrificial like His. We are energized by His love; it compels us to service. We serve God out of love.

Consider the resolution of His love. We must determine to keep ourselves in the love of God. It is possible to let our love grow cold. We need to meditate on His love rather than our circumstances. This resolve is up to each of us individually.

Remember that God loves you! Take the time to meditate on His love, and then follow the example of His love. Be determined to follow Christ all of your life.