Wednesday Evening Service


Everything about Jesus Christ is about hope. If you center your life in Him, you’ll have hope. David had some valleys, but ended up in hope.

David was anointed king by God Himself. He never asked for it; God chose him. In the chapter after he was anointed king, he was fighting giants. Likewise, we are attacked when we do right. In the next chapter, he’s served the current king and was attacked. In chapter 19, he was being hunted and had to leave his wife. In chapter 20, David’s friends were proved. Trials often prove friendships.

Hope is birthed in the fires of pain. In I Samuel chapters 20-26, David’s life kept getting harder. In chapter 27, David starts to run. It’s not wrong to despair, for a time. David acted like he was going to be killed even though he knew he wouldn’t be. He gets so discouraged, he runs to the Philistines. Similarly, modern Christians run to the world to escape their problems.

Eventually, the Philistines turn against David in chapter 29. In the next chapter, they lose their families and David’s closest friends consider killing him. After all of this, David encouraged himself in the Lord.

God loves us enough to take us to the bottom, where every source of hope is removed. At that point, we realize our hope is in Christ. After God is there for us in the valley, we learn to fully trust in Him.

David made a decision to trust God. Your actions during times of affliction will determine your future as well as your children’s future. Too often Christians turn to other resources instead of crying out to God to supply our needs.

David remembered what God had done for Him in the past. God is always good. The devil tries to get us to focus on what we don’t have, attempting to distract us from how God has blessed us.

David praised God. This is especially important to do while depressed.

David prayed to God. When in the valley, cry out to God.

David ran to God’s Word. The Bible brings hope and steadiness. Faith comes from hearing, which comes from the Bible.

David yielded to God. We must be wiling to give up our plans and desires, and yield our lives to God.

David asked for God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and guide.

David acknowledged he was God’s. We get frustrated when we don’t get to do what we want to do; but we belong to God.