Wednesday Evening Service


Prayer and Bible reading are as natural and necessary as breathing. When prayer is restricted, our spiritual life is inhibited.

A third hindrance to prayer is problems in the husband and wife relationship. When the wife or husband is living in a state of hurt, the prayers of their partner are hindered. The wife must be honored as the weaker vessel. If every husband kept their wedding vows to their wives, there would be many fewer problems: keep yourself to her, love, honor, and cherish. Some men cherish possessions more than their wives.

There’s a difference between driving and leading. Husbands need to care for their wives as their own flesh. The “knowledge” that a husband needs to know about their wives must be learned from their wives. A wife should be able to go to her husband about anything. Neither spouse is complete without the other. Prefer one another; each should have a goal of making the other happy. Neither should ever put the other down. No man should tell jokes about his wife to others. We reap what we sow. If you don’t like what you see in your wife, take a good look in the mirror, because you built it.

Wives should be subject to their own husbands; working outside the home should be considered with great caution. Wives should not tell others their husbands’ faults. Conversation includes actions as well as words. Words should be kind rather than nagging. Wives should obey their husbands in the Lord. Many homes are broken long before they become a broken home.

Be tenderhearted one to another. Hurt hearts will close, and it may take a long time of consistent tenderheartedness and understanding. Prefer one another. Your goal should be to make your spouse the happiest person on earth. People respond to love.