Wednesday Evening Service


Naaman needed a river. When did you get rid of your leprosy? Israel crossed the Jordan River by the power of God. Euphrates is mentioned both in Genesis and Revelation; it will be a place of great massacre when the world attacks Israel. The Nile is a famous river that was at one time turned to blood. The best river of all is the river of life in Heaven.

God wants what belongs to Him. He has dominion. He owns your past and future, and He wants what’s His. Examine things about which God says “don’t touch” in the Scriptures. When man messes with things God calls holy (belonging to Him), man brings on himself the curse of God. We ought not hold back our tithes. We ought not hold back our bodies, which are bought by God. Our minds also belong to Him.

There is only one way to the other side. We need to cross our rivers. There is only one way to be saved. There is only one way to be separated.

Which side of the river are you on? Let God have your past and your troubles. Wasted potential is a self-inflicted wound. God will give you what He wants if you give Him what is His.