Sunday Morning Service


Daniel 3:17 inspired the hymn “Our God Is Able to Deliver Thee.” This is our greatest theme as Christians. The Hebrew boys knew that God was able to deliver them, but might not. Our concern should not be whether or not God will deliver, but whether or not we are pleasing to Him. We should have sufficient character to serve Christ even if we are not delivered.

He is able to keep us from falling. However, He will not violate our will.

He is able to succour. He comes to our side and lifts us up.

He is able to deliver us. Be it dilemma or disease, He will deliver us. Success is not measured by position, but by the obstacles that have been overcome. Sometimes we only get small prayers answered because we don’t pray God-size prayers.

He is able to do. All things are possible with God. There are things we cannot do, but God can do all things. Many things that He can do He will not do, because He won’t violate our will. God is good.

He is able to give. We are commanded to give as well, in tithes and offerings.

He is able to subdue. God wins all His battles. If we submit our bodies to Him, He’s able to subdue it to Himself.

He is able to save. God is able to save anyone at any time. Jesus is our intercessor, daily pleading our case to God.

What would keep you from coming to a God who is able? He is trustworthy. Anyone may come to Him.