Sunday Evening Service


Jesus gave this advice on being happy just after washing the disciples’ feet. Foot washing is not an ordinance of the local church; Jesus was giving an example of serving with the proper attitude.

Happy is the man whose sins are forgiven. Our sins are washed away by His blood.

Happy is the man who delights in God’s Word. Neglecting the Bible can result in depression. Paul determined to think himself happy; David encouraged himself in the Lord.

Happy is the man who keeps God’s commandments. We feel good when we do sufficient work for our boss, or when our actions please our Master.

Happy is the man who dwells in the house of the Lord. Church is important.

Happy is the man who waits on Him. This type of “waiting” implies service.

Happy is the man who puts his trust in Him. People will fail you, but God never will.

Happy is the man who has grace to endure. Temptation itself is not sin; we must resist the temptation that is brought to us. God promised to make a way of escape with every temptation.