Sunday Evening Service


We don’t have to worry about extra security measures; we have a God Who will never leave us. Many Americans live in fear. They willingly give up liberties for a feeling of safety. We are descending into the mode of “government protect us.” Christians need not live in fear, for four very good reasons.

Nothing shall by any means hurt us. This is not an absence of pain. Sometimes we think our pain is major, when it’s really not. The term “hurt” in this verse refers to suffering loss. We have invaluables that we can never lose. Many times when we lose something in this world and feel badly, Jesus has something better for us that we don’t see immediately. We can be secure in our faith.

No one is able to pluck us out of His hand. No one can take our salvation away. We can’t even throw it away.

He is able to keep us. To “keep” is to care for. Our God is able to take care of us; if we give Him our choices, He chooses what is best for us. We do not need everything we think we need. Our greed helps drive our country towards dependence on the government.

No weapon formed against us can prosper. We sometimes want to take the defensive side for wrongdoers. Even when physical weapons are used against Christians, God uses that persecution to expand the reach of the Gospel. This doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be weapons or that they won’t be used against us, but that they will not prosper. We live by faith.

Christians sometimes live in fear. Most fear stems from lack of knowledge or control. Christians do not need to live in fear, because we walk with One who knows everything and has control over everything. Our security does not come from the government, but from God. We can be secure if we want to be; we just need to live in faith.