Wednesday Evening Service


There is a formula for answered prayer, and it’s not complex. Prayer is a powerful tool. Unanswered prayer is not God’s fault; He wants to answer prayer. There are many hindrances to prayer that we’ve covered in recent weeks. God has unclaimed blessings for His children. There are a couple of conditions in John 15:7.

We must abide in Him. Our abiding place is where we dwell. Too often we are visitors to God’s presence rather than abiding in Him. We have a tendency to depend on other people rather than God. We are supposed to abide in God and take Him to the world, not abide in the world and bring it into the church. Don’t worry about what man thinks; concern yourself with what God knows.

His Words must abide in us. We should have His Word so thoroughly within us that it naturally shows. Too many Christians are empty inside, filled with vanity. The Bible will keep us from sin. Bible study is the primary way Christians grow.

If these conditions are met, then God will give us our desires. First He’ll give us desires that align with His Scriptures, and then He’ll fulfill those desires. Nothing lies outside the reach of prayer except that which is outside the reach of God’s will. There is no age limit to this promise; any Christian can have answered prayer.

There must be Scriptural obedience. We must obey all of His commands that we know. Every Christian has responsibilities to God. We are supposed to stay in line with the Word of God. This includes running our homes as God intended, and obeying our authorities in the Lord. We must be especially careful to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We have Scriptural responsibilities to our employers.

There must be a submissive spirit. A submissive spirit recognizes that God’s will is better than our will; this is true regardless of circumstances. Our flesh resists submission. God does not owe anyone an explanation. Jesus submitted Himself to the will of God, and we should, too.

There must be humility and character. Our prayers should not be just about us. Pride will destroy your prayer life. God owes us nothing.

There must be a clean heart and a clean life. When we lift our hands to God, they must be clean. We need to lift up other Christians.