Revival Meeting Service


There is a race, a purpose, and a will of God for every single person. We must run our race until the day it is done. God placed us in the race the day we got saved. It is a lifetime relay race.

God is asking what hinders those currently in the race. It’s part of the same race that was run by champions of the faith. There are great Christians who have gone before us.

If Jesus went to the cross in shame, then we can run our race. He wants us to start well and then end well. Are you saved or not? Do you have the same Holy Spirit?

We need to lead out. It’s not possible to lead if we’re sitting in the grandstand. Grandstand seats are reserved for those who have died. We are not the spectators. It’s time to run, not to sit down. We need to finish our course, as others have before us. Don’t wait for anyone else; run your own race. God promises us His power when we serve Him. Some become tired when they run. We need to be conditioned for our spiritual race; we need a time to get alone with God. Running the race is a choice; we must make that same decision, to lead out.

We need to lay down. Not quit; we need to lay down our weight and sin. You know which sin God is talking about. Weights can be things that are not intrinsically sinful, but they are sinful to us because they weigh us down and hinder our race. We are to lay aside those weights. We are also to lay aside our besetting sin. A besetting sin could be a person. Whatever it is, it is something that will completely knock you out of the race. God wants us to run with patience; He’ll help us to do so. The Bible’s philosophy is to fly first, then run, and then walk; this means we start fast, slowing down to an even gait when we become mature.

We need to look ahead. We look ahead to Jesus, the one who made the track on which we run. After He made it, He ran it Himself, making sure it was runnable. The flagman starts the race, and the same person ends it. Our goal is Jesus; our strategy is to look at Him. We need to analyze and study Jesus, and study those who have successfully run before us. We need to desire to be in the race; we may fall, but God will help us up and let us back in