Sunday Morning Service


Ezekiel here mentions a conspiracy of the prophets. Like then, our national problems today have their roots in the church house. There’s not much worse than taking a pervert and just moving him to another place to cover it up. Some pastors are afraid of preaching Bible truth for fear of offending some people. Some preachers are more concerned about what they want rather than what God said.

In Ezekiel’s time, God was explaining why He was going to disperse Israel. The primary failing was with the spiritual leadership. They had become more concerned with financial progress than God’s principles. Their own ambitions had replaced God’s plan. In America today, we have a similar situation: there are few Christians interested in spirituality. Most of us are selfish; we’re concerned about our inheritance rather than our heritage. There’s a gap in our line of defense, and God is looking for a man to stand in the gap.

God sees gaps that no one else sees. For us to fill the gap in our country, we each need to fill the gaps in our lives.

Do we have a gap in our concern for the lost? We support outreach ministries, but we also need to be soul-winning. Lost souls should break our hearts; even if we can’t witness to them, we can pray for them. Do we have a concern for our community?

Do we have a gap in our love for our community? We should be involved – not to change the world – but because of love for our community.

Do we have a gap in our soul-winning? Even with a concern for the lost and a love for our community, do we actually share the Gospel? Soul-winning helps us with our own faith as well. The most convenient time for soul-winning is “later.” How dare we expect our children to obey us and then disobey our Father?

Do we have a gap in our consistency? We should be the same way every day. This does not imply monotonous emotions, but it does imply similar responses to similar stimuli. We need to be consistent in child correction. We need to be consistent in Bible reading. Doing something forty days in a row is sufficient to establish a habit.

Do we have a gap in our giving? Usually, giving drops off because we’ve already disobeyed God in other areas. God trusts us to be stewards of His money. Giving with the right attitude makes us happy. God’s work stops when His people do not prioritize correctly.

Do we have a gap in our prayer life? We ought to be saying little prayers all day long. We ought never to quit praying. Pray each morning for God to fill you; pray several times a day, confessing your sins and asking Him to fill you again. A gap in your prayer life causes a huge gap in your family.