Sunday Morning Service


Some fragrances are pleasant; others are not so much. In the first book of Corinthians, Paul had to teach them how to correct one of the members. In this second book, he was teaching them how to go on.

Paul explains how he had an opportunity but had no rest in his spirit; he was focusing on the lack of Titus. He went into Macedonia, yielding his will to God’s; and he found victory in Christ.

The noun “savour” is like a pleasant fragrance. God’s knowledge is a savour (II Cor. 2:14). Paul had been searching for Titus, possibly wondering if he had fallen from the faith. Paul was reminded that God knows some things that we don’t. We can have triumph in Christ by yielding our thoughts to His knowledge, and that is a savour in our life.

It is a fragrance to rest in His knowledge. We should be searching for the scent of God’s knowledge. We should be searching for the scent of God’s knowledge like a coon dog.

A Christian who lives right is a savour to God (II Cor. 2:15). Jesus endured the cross, and when our lives are a sweet savour to Him, then He enjoys it. Flower fragrances are only released when the flower is crushed; when we go through trials, a beautiful fragrance should remain. A Christian is one who has a relationship with God, not just someone who comes to church.

We are the “savour of death unto death” unto the world (II Cor. 2:16). The world believes Christians don’t have any fun, but there is no happiness in the world. So, they look at Christians and see only a fragrance of death.

We are the “savour of life unto life” as well (II Cor. 2:16). The world often pushes Christians because they’re searching for something solid. When a Christian acts like a Christian, they have true life, and are a savour to the world. This fragrance of life can lead the lost from death unto life.

When others come in contact with you, do they smell the world, or do they smell Christ? If we do not carry the scent of Christ, then others will only smell the savour of death unto death. If we do carry the scent of Christ, then others will smell the savour of life unto life.