Sunday Evening Service


Many times people receive godly advice but do their own thing instead. It would do well if we would do what God tells us to do. In this story, they cast out four anchors to steady their ship and avoid shipwreck. There are four modern-day anchors for us in the moral storm of today.

We have the anchor of the Solid Rock. Our Rock will not shift or move. Every Christian was taken from the pit of sin and placed on the Solid Rock. We should stay on the Rock rather than being influenced by our friends. Jesus was a real man; He was not the “sissy Jesus” who is portrayed in most pictures.

We have the anchor of Scriptural doctrine. There are many false Bibles out there, but God has given us His inspired, preserved Word in the King James Bible. The Bible is profitable for doctrine; that means that when God says something, it should be set in stone. The world will teach you how to have an ungodly life.

We have the anchor of saved membership. Unfortunately, many churches have welcomed unsaved people into their membership in a misguided attempt to reach them. We are not out to be baiting crowds, but reaching people with the gospel of Christ. Unsaved people are always welcome to attend, but only saved people may join.

We have the anchor of a separated position. To “be separate” is not just to leave the world, but to draw close to Christ. We need a desire for holiness rather than have a taste for the world. God wants us to be different than the world. The world will often pick at us because they are searching for something solid. We need to be on solid ground before we can help those who are not.