Sunday Morning Service


The Swiss family Robinson were shipwrecked on a deserted island and had to fend for themselves. Paul was shipwrecked. Shipwrecks are glorified by Hollywood, but in real life, they’re no fun. One of man’s innate fears is the fear of loneliness. This is the reason that some people are addicted to TV, or join gangs, or participate in cliques. There’s a difference between being alone and standing alone. A particular panic sets in when people don’t know where they are. The fear of being forsaken is one of the greatest fears, similar to the loneliness combined with being lost.

Jesus knew what it was to be forsaken – not only by His friends, but by God, His Father. Prolonged silence can be aggravating; sensory deprivation is a form of torture. We all have a longing for friendship and acceptance. Jesus was rejected, abused, and forsaken.

Jesus will never forsake us. He has gone to Heaven so that we may have the Holy Spirit. Every one of us was made with a specific need for a relationship with God. This is why the spirit of every Christian desires the Word of God. To reject Jesus is to accept a place of permanent torment and loneliness. When we accept Jesus, He is with us forever after. We sometimes feel lonely, but we have a friend.