Wednesday Evening Service


One of the characteristics of a fool is that people want their own way. Children throw temper tantrums; adults form cliques. We are to study: the Word of God and ourselves. We shouldn’t need to be ashamed. Fools often should be ashamed but aren’t.

“Profane and vain babblings” is the talk of fools. We are instructed to shun them. Fools often identify themselves in their words. Infidel fools deny God; worldly fools act like there is no God; self-righteous fools are self-deceived.

To identify a fool, first look in the mirror. Ensure you are not a fool; it may be that we are reaping what we’re sowing.

A fool has no wisdom. A fool has a prating mouth. A fool lies and slanders to hide his hatred. A fool is always right in his own eyes. A fool is simultaneously full of confidence and anger. A fool is never happy with their situation. A fool meddles in business not his own.

A fool is not honorable. Their lives are not suitable for that kind of distinction. A fool doing something worthy of honor is as rare as snow in summer; it happens, but not often. Fools are granted honor they don’t deserve only by other fools.

The Bible is clear on how to deal with fools. We are to avoid them; ignore what fools say. There isn’t any use arguing with them, and even laughing at them is not settling to the spirit. The best approach is what God says: ignore them. Ignore the fools in life; walk away from them.

The temptations of youth often induce foolish behavior. Parents need to guide their children into honor rather than foolishness. Children ought to be learning how to live in honor and righteousness rather than practicing foolishness.

There are fools in church. The Bible is clear that we ought not hang around fools. When your friends act foolish, walk away from them. It’s not possible to help fools by yourself; it is a group effort. The best approach is not to walk with them, but to pray for them. Don’t make friends with a fool; check people out before befriending them. Don’t allow sympathy to override wisdom.

Fools disregard the rules. Wiser Christians understand that we are bought by Christ. It is easy to get involved in foolish things; we need to recognize the situation and separate from it.