Wednesday Evening Service


The best way to show your parents that you love them is to obey. We also show our love for God via obedience. One does not have to understand something in order to use it.

Solomon was an intelligent man in the lineage of David; this passage is him writing the words of God. The fool is one of the four primary personalities in Proverbs.

There are a few types of fools in the Bible. The first type of fool is the infidel; the one without faith. Christians who disregard God’s Word are acting foolishly (like a fool). The second type of fool is the worldly fool; the one who gathers worldly treasures for himself. We should make plans, but they should be in accordance with God’s plans in His timing. The third type of fool is the self-righteous fool; the one who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. God is keeping track of everyone, and everyone must give an account to Him someday.

Being rich doesn’t force you to be a fool, nor does poverty always result in wisdom. There are ways to detect a fool. Proverbs was written for the instruction of youths.

A fool has no wisdom; they may have a lot of intelligence and education, but do not have wisdom. Fools reject instruction, because wisdom brings responsibility.

Fools can’t keep their mouths shut. Their favorite subject is often themselves. Quiet time with God is important. They do not have excellent speech; their words do not excel.