Wednesday Evening Service


II Peter 1:1-7 is a blueprint for spiritual maturity, and the first step is faith. Faith is more than a state of mind. Experience is not the best teacher; someone else’s experience is. We start with faith when we trust Christ. Froward people do not have faith.

We can live daily by faith. God intends us to live by faith, not sight. Make evident to yourself that you are in the faith. Faith is based on facts: God’s Word. For faith to grow, we need to be reminded of the facts in God’s Word. If you want to escape the world, you can. It took ten days for God to get Israel out of Egypt, but forty years to get Egypt out of Israel.

Faith substantiates and gives evidence of things not seen. Thoughts and wishes are insufficient; faith is grounded in fact. Faith starts at salvation. God said that Jesus died and rose again. We are supposed to live in and walk in this same faith. If we have faith to trust Him for eternity, how can we lack faith to trust Him for walking today?

We ought not to be influenced by impressions; our faith is based in fact. What we think doesn’t really matter. You can be a Christian and not be in church, but you can’t be a good Christian and not be in church. Positive thinking isn’t faith.

We will give account for our faith one day. Faith is dependence on God; we cannot be self-dependent. Self-dependence is often only removed through brokenness. We must inspect the Bible daily. We cannot trust anyone further than we know them. How much do you trust God?