Sunday Evening Service


God never gets tired, and He gives power to us when we are faint. The Bible says we need to get rest now and again. The term “wait” can either mean to linger or to server.

Eagles are a bird of prey. They can fly into the sun without damaging their eyes. Eagles’ wings were designed to soar; they can be held rigid for long periods of time. Eagles are making a comeback; they are no longer an endangered species. They eat different kinds of animals, but eagles do not catch flies.

We are designed to have a different diet than the world. The wrong diet will make us weak and unable to soar.

Don’t eat the fly of rebellion. God gave us all authorities, and we need to be subject to them.

Don’t eat the fly of pettiness. Don’t give in to selfishness.

Don’t eat the fly of jealousy. God has placed you in the circumstances you have.

Don’t eat the fly of seclusion. Cliques are not right.

Our diet should be of the Word of God. This includes preaching. The Bible is milk, bread, honey, and meat. We need to rest in God and soar, not be flapping all the time. Eagles were not intended to catch flies; don’t spend time catching flies instead of soaring. Eagles were not made to graze; we should not spend our time on insignificant things like social Internet sites.