Sunday Evening Service


Fear is a very crippling thing. It can prevent you from being in God’s will; it will rob you if you let it. The first thing that God told the Israelites was not to fear.

Many people do not get saved because of fear; they try to live a good life and find they cannot. What they don’t know is that God gives you the power to live the Christian life; no one can do it themselves. Don’t be afraid of what others will think if you get saved.

It takes courage and encouragement to live the Christian life, even after you’re saved. Jesus told the disciples “be of good cheer” in the midst of the storm. God knew the Israelites would be afraid of the inhabitants of Canaan. Revival would come if everyone let go of their fear and let God have His way. Discouragement can come even from Christian brethren. In Deut. 1:28, ten chosen leaders failed and doomed an entire generation from entering the promised land. They claimed the city walls reached to Heaven; Satan will exaggerate your problems, just as he did to them. What is the Devil trying to make you believe that you can’t do for God? He is a liar.

You’ll never walk with God unless you’re willing to walk through the fire. God is good to us because He said He would be, and because He loves us.