Sunday Evening Service


The Bible clearly teaches that the church needs a greater workforce. Even “less important” jobs need someone to do them. Jesus gave Matthew a direct call, and he brought his voice and pen and followed Christ. God calls His servants.

Jesus had compassion on the multitude because of their condition. As a result, He instructs His disciples to pray that He would send forth more laborers. These laborers need to seek the lost and preach the Gospel. Not everyone is a preacher, but we can all pray for more workers. This is not a man-made idea; this is the idea of God.

God wants man to know His plan. He wants us to know that He is our Creator. He still wants to work on us. The same God who made all of nature made us in His image. Man is body, soul, and spirit. The soul is immortal. The spirit is dead until we are born again, when it is quickened. God’s desire is to work in every one of our lives. He wants to make Himself known to us. If He can create the wonders of nature, then He can stir us. The blessing of revival is when God remembers mercy. God is looking for someone who will be right with Him and hold revival in his heart.

Ask God whether He has anything for you. He had something for many men in the past. What does He have for you? There have been many preachers made successful by God. God has something for you, if you will have it. Let God work in your life; don’t be so hard that the One who loves you the most can’t work on you.