Sunday Evening Service


This year has been exhilarating but tiring! Our theme was “Going the Second Mile,” and that can be exhausting. When people get tired, they can get depressed; even pastors get depressed from time to time. Depression can be battled; you don’t have to let exhaustion drive you into depression.

A ship is safe in the ocean as long as the ocean is not in the ship. Christians are safe in the world as long as the world is not in the Christian. It is only when the world gets in our lives that we begin to sink.

God will deliver us from our fears. One of Satan’s greatest tools is fear. Fear is established in the unknown: Satan wants us worrying about how the future is going to work out. Has God ever failed? Then why do we feel like we can’t make it? Only because of fear brought up by Satan.

Things that are closer look larger due to our visual perspective. Similarly, non-physical challenges appear larger to us when they are imminent. God will deliver us from our troubles, though He often does so by delivering us through our troubles.

We sometimes have troubles because we don’t see them coming. We should follow the old paths. Keep family important, at home and at church. Treat your children like your children while they’re young, and they’ll become friends when they are grown; if you treat them as friends now, you’re cheating them out of the friendship you could have when they are adults.

We ought to fear God. When we fear Him and not our circumstances, we have no want. We’re not looking at God, who is waiting to help us. Many times we can’t fix it, but He is able.

God is near those with a broken heart. When we are hurt, we often lash out at those who try to help. We need to let God help us.

The righteous have many afflictions; these are constant little annoyances. God promises to deliver us through these as well as the deep trials. Don’t throw a little temper tantrum in front of others, making them bear it.