Sunday Morning Service


David’s mighty men did not let circumstances defeat them. If God had people ready to witness all the time, Christianity would expand dramatically. God needs some mighty men.

David’s mighty men faced the odds. Adino faced 800 men by himself with just a spear. The odds are also against Christian witnessing; there are a huge number of unsaved people to reach. If we can get a single foothold, that’s a start. Don’t worry about the odds.

David’s mighty men finished the objective. Eleazar’s objective was to defeat the Philistines, and he finished his objective with no concern for himself. Fellowship with finishers is sweet after the battle. Many Christians turn and run when the battle gets hot. Neither Adino nor Eleazar were concerned with themselves. These battles were the Lord’s. We enable His victories by finishing our work.

David’s mighty men focused on the opposition. Shammah defended his work from the Philistines. He wasn’t concerned with where the others were; he focused on the attackers. Our enemy is not the lost; it is the Devil. We have victory over Satan unless we give him place. Overlook the honest mistakes of other Christians; focus on the opposition.

David’s mighty men had a feeling for the oppressed. They followed David when none of them had anything. When you’ve got what people need, people with needs will come to you. A true gift is given to someone who can in no way repay it. The greatest need people have is for God. David’s mighty men were in debt, discouraged, and discontented. After David helped them, they became mighty men.