Wednesday Evening Service


The word “conversation” has multiple facets. The first definition is a general course of manners or deportment. “Conversation” has much more to do with one’s “walk” than one’s “talk.” God is privy to all of our conversation.

Paul states here that we are to imitate the faith of spiritual leaders (not the leaders themselves). The greatest spiritual leader ever, Jesus Christ, is our example in denying the flesh. Consider your faith: where does it lead to? Our conversation is to be without covetousness. We can have everything we want by wanting what we have.

Consider the end of your conversation. Don’t compare yourself to other Christians. God wants us to have a conversation becoming to the gospel; one that enhances the appearance of the gospel; one that “goes well” with the gospel.

The first occurrence of the word “conversation” is in Psalms 37:14. God wants us to have an upright conversation. Before we are saved, our conversation is worldly. After we are saved, our conversation is physically in the world but should represent Christ. We cannot live by the world’s choice system. Our walk (conversation) encompasses all interaction with other people. In Christ, we are a new creature with a new walk.

There are some things in our conversation that should be left in the past, such as fleshly lusts. It’s healthy to deny the flesh. If the flesh never partakes of something, it won’t have an appetite for it. In order to change what you’re going to be, you must change what you are.

Our conversation should be with God, without covetousness. He wants us to have an honest conversation. Good works cannot get us to Heaven, but they can help point others the way. God says we need a chaste conversation. The term “chaste” means appropriate, living right, and never found to be lewd.

Good conversation. If you’re walking right, someone will attack you; a good conversation is a good defense.

Holy conversation. All types of our conversation are supposed to be holy.

Heavenly conversation. One day, we will have a conversation in Heaven; everything in this world will be gone. We have a Heavenly conversation now; we walk on the earth in conjunction with our Lord in Heaven.

How is your conversation with your spouse, your friends, and your God?