Sunday Evening Service


The cross had made all the difference in our lives; we are more than conquerors because of Christ. Alexander the Great was just a conqueror. Genghis Khan was just a conqueror. We are more than that, in Christ.

Abraham conquered old age. No one is too old to serve God. Abraham ended up serving God more than some people do their entire lives.

Vashti conquered popularity. She understood that she was special. We don’t need to be popular; we need to conquer that desire.

Gideon conquered when the odds were against him. God reduced Gideon’s army until the odds were extremely low. If we’re going to see America change, we’ll need to see a Gideon. When God works, it often doesn’t make sense according to conventional wisdom. The Bible is essential; all else is just additional.

Joshua conquered fear. He had to step into Moses’ role. The world puts on a good show, but God will show you what it’s really like.

Moses conquered in an impossible situation. The Exodus was one of the greatest miracles. God delivered Moses and the Israelites and provided for them in incredible ways.

Job conquered financial defeat. Job lost everything – from his possessions to his friends – and then his children died. Even his wife turned against God. Men are supposed to lead in the family. All of Job’s financial standing was wiped out, yet he persevered and God re-blessed him.

David conquered sorrow. When he judged another, God revealed that he had judged himself. The best thing to do is what God wants you to do; just “hanging out” will cause trouble. David paid fourfold for his sin. God ended up using Him greatly after he repented.

With these examples of more than conquerors, we know that we can also be more than conquerors through Christ. We can conquer in these same areas. We need to persist in prayer for others.