Wednesday Evening Service


Many Scriptures discuss the battle of the Christian life. There are some battles without and some within; both the world and the flesh fight against us. Regardless of what battles we’re fighting, we cannot be separated from the love of Christ.

Peter was full of fear and distress when he denied the Lord. We deal with these same issues. Life as a Christian is more complex than as an unbeliever. Jesus assures us that His love is always with us. We are no longer bound by sin; we can have peace in serving God. God is on our side, and we are conquerors.

The promise of being a conqueror is because of God, not because of us. He cares for us when we are weary, and the love of God far surpasses any human love. We only get depressed when we forget that we are conquerors and loved of God.

We are more than conquerors; our enemies need not defeat us. We are triumphant, blessed, assured conquerors because our victory rests in God. Jesus loved us even while we were yet sinners, and He loves us now.