Wednesday Evening Service


Comparison often results in pride, which results in contention. Comparison can also go the other way, resulting in envy. Either way, comparing yourself with others is not wise. It is a mark of immaturity.

The Galatian Christians were comparing with each other to such an extent that they were in danger of spiritual cannibalism. They needed a reminder that they were all Christians, and all unique. Comparison causes competition. Be careful about judging in areas that are not yours. We are supposed to be lifting each other up, not tearing each other down.

Sheep are different than wolves. Sheep weren’t made to eat other sheep. We are not supposed to be followers of men, but of Christ.

Measure your own progress instead of comparing with others. We should be regularly progressing in our own spiritual growth. If you must compare, then compare yourself to Christ.

We shouldn’t be concerned with getting our own way. The Bible must be our final authority. We need to continue growing, no matter how far we’ve come.