Sunday Morning Service


Christmas has come and gone, but we can have Christmas with us every day if we want. Jesus left some things behind for us.

Jesus left us an unfinished task. His task on the cross was finished, but He only started the task of spreading the Gospel.

Jesus left us an unchallenged message. Jesus Christ is a fact of history. Miraculous things happened when He rose again. The evidence of His resurrection is overwhelming.

Jesus left us an unlimited power. This power is referring to authority, not necessarily strength. We have authority through His Name. He left us the Holy Spirit, and we can do whatever He wants us to do.

Jesus left us an unshakable testimony. Witnesses saw Him ascend and then spread the news to others.

Jesus left us an unfailing promise. Jesus has promised to return again. He’s gone to prepare Heaven for us. His birth fulfilled many prophecies. He had a miraculous ministry, fulfilling many prophecies. His death and resurrection fulfilled even more prophecies. His second coming has now been prophesied, and will happen.

Will He find us faithful?