Sunday Evening Service


We sometimes forget the commandment to keep ourselves in the love of God. Too often we are interested in seeing the judgment of God rather than His mercy. The Bible tells us to not rejoice when our enemies have trouble.

We cannot get mad at the world for acting lost. It is time for us to show America the love of Christ rather than anger. Sin is still wrong, but we cannot drive people away just because they’re sinners. We are to carry the light of the Gospel, and that light draws sinners. Our face and voice needs to match our words.

Jesus was a friend to sinners, but He did not condone their sin. His response to the adulterous woman was both “neither do I condemn thee” and “sin no more.” Likewise, we need to welcome and receive sinners into church, though we cannot condone their sin.

Doing the will of God leaves no time to dispute His plan. The Gospel is our major purpose.

We abuse ourselves without thinking by what we eat and our sedentary lifestyle, but we do not abuse ourselves purposefully. Likewise, we are supposed to treat others as ourselves; that is, not abuse them.

The world is tired of being ridiculed. We need to show Christ’s love by being kind. Down inside, they already know that what they do is wrong, and they’d respond to the love of Christ.

If we do what we’re supposed to, all kinds of people will be coming into church. All different personalities and appearances should be welcome. We can catch more with honey than with vinegar. No one cares how much we know until they know how much we care.