Sunday Morning Service


If you’ve been hurt, then Jesus can heal you. He’s been through every hurt and understands what we feel. The Pharisees were strict in their letter of the law, and opposed His healing. We have a tendency to emphasize our own works and expect recognition. Jesus was not concerned with getting credit; He often told those He healed not to spread the news around.

God has given us a compassionate Saviour. When we are hurt, as a bruised and smoking reed, He does not cut us off. Too often we are quick to judge others but always want mercy for ourselves. Jesus knows what it is to be bruised. He carries us through our hard times. He knows what it is like to be betrayed by a close friend.

We face many types of hurts and bruises. Jesus knows pain; He suffered tremendous physical agony. Jesus knows what it’s like to be despised and ignored. He knows how to fix messes in our lives.

Jesus will not cast you out. He accepts everyone who will come to Him. When circumstances break us down, we are in a prime position to be helped by God. Once we’ve been helped by God, we are enabled to help others. He gives us mercy when we deserve justice. Those who deserve love the least often need it the most.

Some people were formerly on fire for God and are now just smoking. When Jesus comes by them, He doesn’t quench them; He tries to fan the fire. Jesus will restore us; God is in the restoring business. He will straighten our branches, which makes us more pretty. We would be more Christ-like if we see more restoration and fewer casualties.

God will place us into a place where we must make a decision. When we are down and broken, we decide whether to stay there or allow God to rebuild us. Will you trust God to restore you?