Sunday Evening Service


We often do not realize the actual benefits of the Bible.

The Bible has physical benefits by giving peace to a troubled mind. The Bible soothes an anxious stomach. This gives us a longer, healthier life.

The Bible has financial benefits. If we obey the Bible and tithe, then God will respond with blessing.

The Bible has spiritual benefits. Wisdom helps us have satisfaction and contentment.

The Bible has mental benefits. Peacefulness is important to a sound mind. The troubles of the world are overwhelming without the anchor of the Word.

The Bible has emotional benefits. We have no need to fear. How is your sleep?

The Bible has social benefits. When we obey the Bible, we naturally do right by others. This includes financial matters, paying your bills when they are due.

The Bible has eternal benefits. Scorners are scorned by God. We can’t be afraid to associate with Christ. That road only ends in shame.

It is the Bible that teaches us to have remittance for our sins. We can have daily forgiveness after salvation