Sunday Morning Service


Grace cannot be understood without experiencing it. Our society doesn’t allow for much grace, but God has much grace.

Explanation of grace: Grace means to give when it is undeserved. Jesus died while we were yet sinners. When He died on the cross, all of our sins were in the future. Grace doesn’t need help from man; it doesn’t require applause. Grace cannot be merited. Grace is not a reward; it is a gift. Grace is not partial or segregated. Grace does what the law could not. Grace frees us to live for others. Grace doesn’t just “help out”; grace does it all.

Examples of grace: The impotent man at the pool of Bethesda received grace from Jesus. He was incapable of helping himself. Zacchaeus received grace. Mary Magdeline received grace; she was demon possessed before Jesus came into her life. Sam Jones is an example of grace. Every saved person is an example of grace.

The express worth of grace: It’s free to us, but infinitely priceless. Jesus spent everything He had for us. Grace is offered free to us, but it had tremendous cost. We ought to live our lives for God.

Excuses of grace: God allows us to live the way we should, not the way we want. God gives grace to the humble. Grace isn’t given for our glory.

Exclusions of grace: Grace excludes Satan from obtaining ownership of a Christian. He can still influence us, but never own us. Grace excludes any other method of salvation. Grace excludes sin.

Experiences of grace: The grace of God must be experienced personally to get to Heaven. We all must experience grace ourselves. If you have never experienced God’s grace yourself, then make today that day.