Sunday Evening Service


Have you ever pondered how God feels towards you? We are sinners, but God makes a distinction between us and our sin. The Bible contains allegories describing God’s love for us. He always sees us, thinks about us, and cares for us.

God comforts us as a mother does her child. A mother’s touch doesn’t make a child better, but it does provide comfort and a chance for the baby’s rhythm to resynchronize with its mother’s. We are partakers of His suffering, but we also receive His comfort.

God pities us as a father does his child. Fathers sometimes give their children a task they can’t do, and then they help them complete it out of pity. Likewise, God gives us a task that He will help us complete. Fathers naturally pity their children. When we are in a time of need, we can cry to Him and He will have pity on us.

God cherishes us as a nurse does her wards. Nurses are gentle even as they push them to succeed. “To cherish” – to treat with tenderness and affection – is part of the wedding vows. It grieves God when He has to correct us.

God seeks us as a shepherd does his sheep. God knows exactly where you are and can place you where He wants you to be. When sheep are lost, the shepherd seeks them out all the time. The shepherd understands that every sheep counts.

God gathers us as a chicken does her chickens. God wants us to gather in church. He wants us to prosper.

God bears us as an eagle does her young. When the nestlings are old enough, the mother eagle will remove the comfort from the nest and then prepares them for flight. God prepares us for flight as well. When He has a change or a job for us, He prepares us first.

God rejoices over us as a bridegroom does over his bride. Marriage is a wonderful thing; there is a special love that a groom has for his bride. Christ feels that way about us. In His eyes we are “beautimous.”

One day we will see Christ. Nothing in our lives should attract more attention than Him.