Sunday Morning Service


Job had been pointed out by God and attacked by Satan. In this passage, he’s being interrogated by his friends. Friends don’t always understand the way God’s leading you. Real friends will stick with you through it all; they’ll tell you what you really need to know. Be careful not to push your friends away too much when going through trials.

The handholds that Satan offers are no more capable of holding us up than a spider’s web. Money and fame will fail. All that we truly need is the Saviour’s love.

Satan offers pleasure and popularity. Our lives cannot be completely made of pleasure; God made us so that we need challenges and opposition to thrive. Americans spend more on pleasure than they give to their churches.

Satan offers power. Witchcraft is popular because people are thirsty for power.

Satan offers position. He wants to distract us from a real relationship with Christ.

We can overcome Satan by surrendering to God. We need handholds of faith, not of sight.