Wednesday Evening Service


Each person comes with a personal plan; God has a plan for each person. Troubles and hurts tend to come in seasons, and with reasons. Life can only be understood by looking backward, but it can only be lived by looking forward. As we move forward, we pass from season to season. Following God keeps us in His will.

He has a sure purpose for us. We can be sure he have a purpose because God cannot lie. God will not leave us until we’ve done His purpose. If God says He’ll do something, then He will bring it to pass.

He has a sweet promise for us. We should tithe not only our income but our time. It’s not hard to have the time for things we like. Blessings are a result of obedience, and it takes faith to obey. Rebellion against obedience brings correction. Many times we say “I can’t” when we really mean “I won’t.” Obedience to the gospel is necessary for salvation.

He has a solemn prospect for us. We will resurrect some day to be with Him; God has promised resurrection for the saved. “Revival” means to live again; it’s easy for Christians to get into a rut. Maintain your own personal excitement regarding the things of God.

There is also a sad prayer spoken by those who die without Christ. Don’t be guilty of sinning away your day of grace. Religion will not save you from hell; only Jesus Christ can! When the Holy Spirit calls you, listen to Him while He calls; sooner or later, He will stop calling. Don’t give up praying for those who are errant from God; as long as they’re not dead, it’s not done.