Wednesday Evening Service


What will you leave behind? The word “legacy” actually refers to a particular thing you leave behind. What will your legacy be? We need to decide now what we want our legacy to be, and then structure our actions after that fashion. When we are gone, our actions will determine our legacy.

Will you have a legacy of dependability? When you have responsibilities, do them now. Keep your word. The best way to stop lying is to start telling the truth.

Will you have a legacy of wisdom with your tongue? Gossiping and tale-bearing build a bad legacy. We should not let our lips run unnecessarily.

Will you have a legacy of respect for others? You won’t be remembered as respectful if you’re disrespectful. Do you drive with concern for others? Respect includes respect for other people’s property. Respect includes using proper terms of address.

Will you have a legacy of dedication to Christ? Do you check with Jesus before you do things? Things that make sense to God may not make sense to us. We need to be sold-out Christians, not “sorta” Christians.

Will you have a legacy of kindness? Kindness is indicated in what we say and what we say it. Understand the feelings of others. Be kind to people who can’t pay you back.

It’s not an easy thing to change your legacy, but it is possible. We need to act now as we want to be remembered later. Our works follow us to Heaven. Often the best way to change is all at once. Don’t try to change your legacy incrementally unless you use a schedule. Remember that you as a Christian also affect the legacy of Christianity; you represent Christ.