Wednesday Evening Service


This is a milk-toast message about love. Love is wonderful between husband and wife. The world often confuses love with lust. Jesus loved us all the way to the end. He left us some commandments to keep to show that we love Him. However, there are some things we should not love.

We should not love ourselves. Many people love themselves more than anyone else. Christianity is about loving God and others. The best way to combat self-love is to stop giving ourselves whatever we want. Fasting is a good method. Narcissism is on the rise.

We should not love money. Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. The love of money can cause teens to go astray, cause strife in the home, and cause corruption at work. We should love God first; understand that He will care for us.

We should not love the praise of men. We should be more concerned with what God knows rather than what man thinks. Don’t put much stock in the praise of men; man is a fickle creature.

We should not love the world. It shows when we love the things of the world more than God. We should set our affection on things above rather than the things in this world.

We should not love pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but there are many things we should do. We do make time for things that we truly want to do. It takes more effort to pray than to play.

We should not love darkness. A love of darkness is the result of evil deeds. Dark things are addictive. Cockroaches enjoy darkness because they are revealed by light; likewise, men who do wrong shun the light of the Gospel.

We should love the Lord. In loving the Lord, we learn what true living is. Often, people who grow up in a good church take God for granted and do not love the Lord. Iniquity causes love for God to grow cold. True love focuses on God first and then others.