Sunday Evening Service


Many people live their lives without achieving a single goal; they just go along with whatever happens. A believer is equipped by God to do everything He expects of them; they need not seek anything else. We do not need man’s help to serve God. In fact, man’s intervention may interfere with God’s provision. Christ enables His followers to do all things. We need to be in the place God wants us and doing the things He wants us to do; He has a special job for each of us. As Christians, we are purchased by Christ; He owns us.

There were 50 men who had the same master as Elisha. Elijah taught the sons of the prophets. We have the same Christ who taught the disciples. The 50 men heard Elijah’s message, but they did not fully accept it. Modern-day Christians often do not witness or accept separation. We need to guard our children and our own lives.

There is something you can do. Fast; make yourself do something you don’t want to do. Go a little longer. We must become disciplined. Too often we lose our purpose in the midst of ease.

The 50 men had the same access to the same mantle, representing the power of God. Elisha ended up doing twice the miracles as Elijah; we serve the same God today. The Holy Spirit can make use of anyone.

The 50 men failed to make it personal. They didn’t choose the victorious Christian life. They followed too late. They had no concern for the status of society. Serving God is better than any worldly success.