Upward Bound is a program for first through sixth grades and is aimed towards your primary/junior age child’s particular needs. Hopefully, the new interests and skills we share with the “Good Soldiers” at the meetings and outings will be lifelong sources of fun and learning that offer more new and exciting experiences. During these years you will see them grow spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially as they approach the teen years. The basis for this program comes from Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man”. When children enlist in the Upward Bound program, they make a promise to try to grow in all these areas as Jesus did.

Upward Bound is Christ-centered and also family-centered. The things your child does at home, working with you, are keys to his advancement as a more responsible person. Upward Bound offers a wonderful opportunity to get close to your child because together you will be doing the things that are important to him. The frequent times that you are together talking, doing, or answering questions will never be forgotten. The Upward Path is also designed to lead your child ever upward into a meaningful, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Your attitudes and actions towards God and the church will strongly influence him in this adventure.

As your “Good Soldier” is faithful in attendance at weekly meetings, they should complete the required pin each month. You will have fun helping him or her earn extra star pins, too, after they have completed the required pins each year. At the “Good Soldier” Recognition Services the joy of receiving visual recognition for months of work will be shared by the whole family.

Brother Dan Billings is the director of the Upward Bound program. A similar program for girls is available called Blue Denim and Lace.

Special Outings

  • Father and Son Fishing Trip
  • Winter Camp-Out
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Archery


  • Key Award – first aid
  • Laurel Award – physical fitness
  • God and Church Pin – your church history
  • Belt of Truth Pin – church attendance and Scripture memory
  • Shield of Faith Pin – signal flags and morse code
  • Helmet of Salvation – salvation
  • Sword of the Spirit – growing in grace
  • Shoes of Peace Pin – missionary study
  • Crown Award Pin – household chores
  • Camp Pin
    • Bird
    • Weather
    • Fire Building
    • Hiking
    • Leaf
    • Nature
    • Pathfinding
    • Tree Study
  • Star Pins
    • Adventure
    • Booster
    • Community
    • Craftsman
    • Cyclists
    • Fitness
    • Friendship
    • Home and Family
    • Leading Layman
    • Moral Issues
    • Music
    • Patriotism
    • Pen Pals
    • Sunday School
    • Tithing
  • Mission Study
  • Global Award
  • Reading Award