The soulwinning at Landmark Baptist Church is systematic. This means that the results of every visit are recorded and tracked, reducing the number of overlooked and re-visited houses. Each soulwinning team is given a clipboard with a map for their target street and sheets for recording the results.

Our soulwinning program meets Saturday mornings with child care provided by what we call “Kid’s Club”, which is not just a nursery but a directed activity time to allow parents to be able to have a scheduled time each week to go soulwinning.

The soulwinning time is church-wide. We have married couples, men, ladies, teens, and college and career all meet at 10:15am for a song, testimonies, and a devotion. We head out by 10:30am.

We also have a callback/visitation program on Thursday evenings in the spring, summer, and fall months that takes place at 6:45pm and also meets at the church.