We do not believe in hostage offerings which is why we do not have them at our Church. We have trusted God for our Salvation and trust Him with the finances of the Church.

Count your blessings and name them one by one. Count your blessings and it will surprise you what the Lord our God hath done.

If the Lord has blessed you financially and has convicted you to give, please check out the ministries we are involved in. Please seek His will and way, for His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. If the Lord has placed a desire in your heart to give please click the donate button below.


The number one thing you can do is pray. Pray for Revival in the hearts of His people and in the Church, pray that we increase spiritually and numerically. Pray what we always have His will and way in our life. Prayer does not bring God down to us, but brings us up to Him. It is the number one thing Satan does not want you to do.

For a full prayer list for our Church please click the button below.

Prayer List


Bus Ministry
Everybody needs to hear the Word of God, not matter their background. We currently run two buses that service the local area. We would like to switch these to four vans which would lower our fuel costs and allow us to run more routes.
China Missions Project
We are raising funds to get the King James Bible translated into dialect of Chinese. The people that speak and read this dialect of Chinese currently have no way to get to know God’s Word, we want to change this.
Christmas for Christ Offering
This is a love offering we have in December every year. This is a special offering where all the donations go to paying off the mortgage on His house.
Internet Ministry
At present we have this website and an online store where we offer the sermons to download for free in CD quality. Any donations will help pay for the operational costs of the servers and the bandwidth that is used.
Landmark Baptist Church
Donations to Landmark Baptist Church go to our out reach ministries, helping out the local community and keeping God’s house in working shape. He has given us a wonderful location and building to go with it, we have to make sure we honor that by keeping it tidy and doing repairs when they are needed.
Landmark Baptist Christian School

Our children are the next generation of leaders. The hope of our Nation is not through our local congressman or President but by asking God for the old paths and the old ways. Training our children in the correct way is important. The Federal Government have taken God out of our schools, our Nation was founded on God. We make sure our children not only know the Word of God but the God of the Word.

World Wide Missions

We believe in supporting our missionaries who are on the field in remote parts of the world preaching the Word of God.

Radio Ministry
We are looking at expanding our Radio ministry to provide a 24/7 station on our website, but to do so we need to raise funds to make this possible. We believe this would be an excellent way for people to hear the Word of God.